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  • Ever since its birth in 1975 in Southern California, Rayban Inc. has leaded the optical industry. Today the company is proud to be recognized as the undisputed market leader due to its continuing improvement and advancement in eyewear technology and introduction of unique glasses.
    The superior and exquisite design of the sunglasses rayban simply leaves you awe struck every time you spot them .Their sunglasses along with providing eye protection also make you look a lot more trendy and haughty. They have got all shades of tinted lenses and gradient lenses .Never miss the Rayban logo inscribed in the temples .They are particularly very attractive and give the shades a better look.
    They are designed keeping in mind a philosophy called sculptural physics, which blends the art of designing along with the scientific methods to make Rayban eyewear. Rayban sunglasses use another technology called ophthalmic lenses, which prevents any dust or moisture from sticking on to the surface of the lens. All this ensures a premium eye care for you by Rayban.
    rayban canada are made from the specialized O-matter material which is highly flexible due to its high malleability and can also absorb shocks with ease, thereby ensuring durability. Hence, these glasses can last for quite a few years.
    To suit all faces, Rayban glasses come in various designs, colors and shape. There is a wide range of Rayban sunglasses that you can choose from. They range from Active, Sports, Signature Series, Asian Fit and Photo chromatic to Tinted, Polarized and Gradient lens for maximum vision support and UV rays protection.
    Other great features include using the High Definition Optics technology for three dimensional imaging. Moreover, to increase comfort a special rubber compound is used while manufacturing the ear stems and nose pieces.

    rayban glasses are preferred by the athletes due to the stronger grip of their frames. The frames are made using the material that gets its grip even tighter after getting wet.
    Always beware of the replica Rayban glasses as it has becoming very hard for the buyers to differentiate. One way to check is that the dealer would not offer warranty which is a clear sign that it is non-genuine. When the dealer does not assure you a free pair in case the sunglasses break you can be sure that it is not genuine.
    Sometimes the price also serves as a good check. For instance the online site sells Rayban sunglasses for as low as $10 a pair which is a free giveaway. However, it is not very difficult to price the replica equally expensive as the genuine one. So you cannot always count on the price to serve as a check.
    rayban sunglasses canada has even launched designer glasses for the trendsetters and fashion savvy. Famous superstars such as Tom Cruise, Britney Spears and Lance Armstrong wear Rayban glasses to give their looks an exquisite touch. So chaps what else are you waiting for? Just follow the footsteps of the fashion icons, and flaunt your style with the winsome Rayban glasses.

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