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  • Micael Kors was born on 5 Aug 2009 on Long Island New York. He was called Karl Andersen Jr, named after his father Karl Andesen. His mother remarried when he was five and he was given an option to change his name. He chose to be called Micheal David Kors. Micheal Kors became a household name as a star judge on the hit television show Project Runway.

    michael kors outlet canada an American fashion designer and currently lives in New York City. Michael Kors Handbag brand has risen in popularity very fast over the last 12 months. Michael Kors line includes ready-to-wear apparel for women, mens wear as well as handbags and shoes. His designer range includes Michael Kors runway collection, MICHAEL Micheal Kors and KORS Michael Kors. The latter two were launched in 2004. Michael Kors line includes women's handbags, shoes and ready-to-wear apparel.

    Micheal Kors handbags are projected towards people with jet style. These pieces are statement pieces and are sure your boost your confidence by making an effortless statement. These handbags come in various shapes and sizes. From his Autumn 2012 range, you can choose a Hamilton Large tote for 295 at

    or Hamilton Satchel for 290 at or Tan Hamilton woven tote by Micheal kors at from his MICHAEL line of michael kors purses Brand.

    You can also choose some other style of bags including large clutch bags and purses in bright as well as more subdued autumnal shades. There are also a wide range of jet set totes, purses, clutch bags in different colours and styles. There are also lovely bright ipad cases. My favourite ipad for this autumn is a bright orange ipad case which will go nicely with my turtle neck top.

    Last week I wrote a blog on my 5 favourite Michel kors handbags. You can read this blog post at . At Handbag boutique there is a great selcetion of handbags by Micheal kors and other designer handbags.

    Even with economic downturn, the fashion industry is still thriving. Michael Kors portfolio value is consitently rising over the last 12 months. Google insights data indicates that the trend for michael kors bags has risen over 130% over the last 12 months. There have been some concerns over Michael Kors himself selling the shares from his own investment portfolio. This action has left some investors a bit worried.

    For fashionistas out there and especially the ones who are on the move all the time, michael kors outlet online range jet set is perfect for autumn, winter and actually for all seasons. If you are planning to invest in one keypiece this autumn, my favourite to go for will be the Hamilton Woven Tote by Michael Kors. I think I am going to put this on my christmas list and hope that Santa will bring this one for me.

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