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War Child Canada

Founded in 1999, War Child Canada is a registered Canadian charity that provides humanitarian assistance to children affected by war. Working closely with the music industry, WCC generates awareness, support and action for children's rights everywhere. War Child Canada aims to empower young Canadians to become effective leaders in local, national and international arenas, and to mobilize them on Canada's global priorities.

get loud

War Child Canada developed get loud to celebrate the contributions of Canadian musicians and youth activists who are building a better future.

get loud aims to inform and inspire Canadians about global humanitarian issues, as well as providing unique educational tools to help engage and motivate young people in compassionate and world changing initiatives.

This initiative invites all of us to get loud and work hard to fulfill the promise of social activism: a transformed future.


The development of get loud was made possible through the generous support of the Canadian Culture Online Program of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

Thank you to our project partners:

Cool Blue Media Inc.
Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE/University of Toronto)

The creative direction of get loud got off the ground with the input and guidance of john st. advertising. Many thanks go to Dani Maisels, Erin Spano and Stephen Jurisic for their time, creativity and innovative efforts, which helped make get loud what it is today.

Educators' Guide Contributors:

Certified Educators: 

  • David Ast 
  • Jennifer Burnell 
  • Jill Goodreau 
  • Dick Holland 
  • Jill Morris 
  • Michelle Munk 
  • Darryl Newbury 
  • Jim Orrange 
  • Marion Shehata 
  • Maria Vamvalis 
  • Nadya Weber

War Child Canada Staff: 

  • Erin Pryde
  • Maria Vamvalis 
  • Heather Orrange 
  • Anne Game 
  • Adele Cassola 
  • Paula MacKinnon
  • Elliot Pobjoy 
  • Nike Adebowale
  • Andreia Rolo
  • Nicole Dagher

Language and Culture Consultants:

Patricia Dumas, Claire Francoeur

War Child Canada would also like to thank the interns and volunteers whose hard work and dedication has helped to make get loud a reality. Special thanks go to: Emma Knight, Christine Yu and Michaela Roughton.

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